ProShield II Prym1 Pink Out Bulletproof Backpack - NIJ IIIA

Multimedia Bulletproof Backpack

Comfortable, Durable Ballistic Protection

  •  NEW DAILY NECESSITY: The No Touch hand tool has been designed to avoid touching common contaminated objects that may contain germs, viruses and bacteria
  • EVERYDAY USE: The Guard Dog Security ProShield II Prym1 Edition has your back. Combining safety and style, The Guard Dog Security ProShield II Prym1 Edition backpack is uniquely designed using organic animal patterns rather than the traditional trees and leaves to create a vivid and appealing 3D appearance.
  • ORGANIZED DESIGN: You'll find everything you need in this lightweight pack with over twenty organizational panels and pockets, including a tablet/laptop pocket and detachable key ring. Keeping up with today's technology demands, a built-in auxiliary multimedia port extends from inside the backpack to the outside shoulder strap for music and hands-free phone usage.
  • Great for adults and students of any age, this personal ballistic incorporates a low-profile look and tactical functionality while providing ergonomic comfort with added gel support and padded shoulder straps.
  • LESS THAN 5 POUNDS: Weighing only ounces more than non-armored backpacks of the same size, this is the go-anywhere companion that doubles as a shield in emergency situations. Be protected, and be prepared with the unique and durable ProShield II Prym1 Edition bulletproof backpack.