I am from South America, and so I like a good cup of coffee. After depleting our stash of Colombian coffee I was very happy to find one of our favorite Ecuadorian coffees. It is excellent, smooth, full of flavor and not bitter at all. My tintos taste as they are supposed to. And the delivery exceptionally fast.

Yolonda from Texas (2020)

LOVE fruits and grains and cacao. I get all that in this bar and more! I am mostly disappointed in every health bar I try. They are either too sweet, too sour, too gooey, too hard, too soft or just TOO something. This bar is the perfect size for a quick snack. No more leftover bars crumbling in some dark corner of my handbag.

Rosie from Los Angeles (2020)

Kids commented 'new straws are cool' Dad. So, compared to oil or paper based products; they work better (kids don't chew them up), they look much fancier, they are dishwasher safe, they aren't made of plastic, and they are biodegradable. Win win win win win. You can tell (I think) that I love them!

Dave English from Oregon (2020)

Item as shown, my favorite chocolate on the planet. Thank you for importing this brand. Perfect condition and packaging. Also a great "surprise sample" inside to try other products. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Will buy again!

Melynda from St. Petersburg, Florida (2019)

So this backpack said it was going to arrive after christmas. i was upset. I contacted seller and he got me the backpack before Christmas. so I was very happy. thank you for accomodating great service. would shop again.

Jennifer from New Jersey (2019)

Our Favorite Coffee

91 Point Excellent Arabica Coffee

Café del Cerro is an Arabica coffee that comes from the Zaruma-Ecuador region. It is produced at a unique altitude of between 1220 and 1500 meters above sea level. This gives it a special aroma flavor, with citrus notes and flavorful taste. The grains are produced in a coffee farm owned by our company and carefully selected small producers in the region.

Bamboo Resuable Straws

Hand Crafted Process

Our bamboo straws come from Costa Rica. These straws are different as they are not processed in a factory. We don't brand our straws with a logo allowing you to see that they are all unique with different patterns.

Don't Compromise your Taste Buds

Perfect for a nice hot summer beverage that won't taste like wood or paper. Chemical and dye free allowing you to sip without a worry on your favorite ice tea.

Brands We Carry

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