COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Design of hands being washed with a checkmark for safety measures from COVID


How We Are Ensuring Your Products Leave Our Warehouses in Safe Conditions

We are following proper protocols/guidelines from the CDC and LA County officials as a small business by providing our employees with the necessary items such as gloves, hand sanitizer, face masks, and soap to wash their hands before they fulfill your orders.
    • Once your order comes through we wipe down the product packaging with Clorox wipes and the packaging that it will be sent in. 
    • Next, our employees wash their hands then put on gloves to package your orders with the following: letter, receipt, samples, and purchased product.
    • Then its sealed shut with no contamination and safe for you touch the products inside after taking precautionary measures on your end.
    • Lastly, the package has a shipping label taped on it, and sent to the post office for delivery.

      Recommendation Upon Receiving Packages for Customer Safety

      We cannot keep track of the sanitation of the outside packaging padded envelope or box once it gets handled by the Post Office. We will say that studies have shown that the virus will live on plastic for 3 days and 1 day for cardboard. But we can make a few suggestions to you:

      • Use gloves to pick up your package once it's delivered to you. 
      • If possible wipe down the packaging of your shipment making sure you set it on a surface that you can easily wipe down after you finish taking out the packaging. 
      • Next, open it up with scissors as most are taped packages to ensure nothing gets inside.
      • Dispose of your gloves and enjoy your Everglobe Specialty Products.
      • Wash your hands following the proper guidelines for 20 seconds with soap to be on the safe side.


      You can find detailed information on this creditable article from "Here's How Doctors Recommend to Sanitize your Mail and Packages" (BestLife)

      Stay Safe as we get through these tough days together.