My Traveling Experience with a Bulletproof Backpack (3 Minute Read)

June 15, 2018 3 min read

Travel with a Peace of Mind

I believe in helping my fellow business travelers. The Guard Dog Security Bullet Proof Back Packs (BPBP) have made traveling experiences much more bearable.  I can personally attest to this. As a business traveler and CEO of Everglobe Corporation, here are my thoughts on the Proshield Pro model. 

Background on Myself

Although 30 years in the logistic and transportation business has taken me to many places in the world, this past year I have found myself traveling more. I have founded an international trading company. Consumed with the challenges of traveling frequently for a start up business, I found myself in the market for a durable and practical backpack. Key features would be the capacity to carry my laptop, iPad, business cards, and 10 to 20 more small items (headphones, USB flash drives, phone, passport, pills, etc). 

Distance Traveled with this Backpack

I purchased my Proshield Pro back pack back in June of 2017 and it continues to accompany me on my travels. The miles I have traveled in the past 12 months accumulate to 200,000 miles. My business travels start in Los Angeles and take me to the following cities: Caracas, Bogota, Sao Pauol, Miami, Abu Dhabi, Srilanka, Las Vegas, San Francisco and some others in between. 

Its Features Compliment my Busy Life Style

During this time I have witnessed how this backpack is functional for business travelers. It keeps me worry free with its 20 strategically placed pockets for all my belongings. I am even able to stuff in a light sweater and shirt for overnight flights. Of course for traveling, I do not use the built-in hidden gun compartment holster to conceal a gun. Instead, I use it to keep my passport and money away from thieves at the airport and other transportation methods I use.

This back pack is well designed and sophisticated, so I can carry it into all my business meetings. It is also a great conversation starter because all my clients are amazed at how the conveniently placed compartments keep me organized. The ergonomic back airflow design keeps me comfortable, pain free, and prevents a sweaty back, so I can focus and stay calm for my business meetings.

Just in case you were wondering, the added feature of being bullet proof certified has its benefits. First and foremost, there is the peace of mind this backpack grants you. I know I have a shield in case I find myself in the middle of a dangerous situation. The fact that it is TSA approved, has meant not having to deal with inconveniences at airports' security check-in lines.

Traveling entails being on the look out for a charging port for devices, but once one is found, it is rare to find it available to use. The Proshield Smart has this feature, and I am more than likely going to purchase this model to stay connected to my team with USB charging ports.


Final Thoughts

These positive experiences convinced me to buy the BPBP ProShield II Pink Pryml Pink women's edition for my wife. I have the peace of mind knowing she is safer. She takes it with her whenever we go hiking, traveling on a road trip or going to the beach. After this year, I will recommend the Proshield Pro to any business man or women that travels.

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If you have any other questions about my experience as a business traveler or the product, feel free to comment below. 


Written by Jorge Pareja

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