Our Recommended Holiday Gift Ideas (3 Minute Read)

November 24, 2021 3 min read

With the holidays right around the corner, buying the perfect gift is one thing--stocking stuffers on the other hand, are a whole other matter! The same old lip balms and socks can get tiring every year, so why not change things up a bit?

Healthy Conscious People 

For many people, their New Year’s Resolution is all about maintaining their health and trying to reach new fitness goals. As someone who tries their best to live a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule, I understand that it’s not always easy to leave the DIY (Do It Yourself) snacks to yourself. Whether the expenses of the ingredients are too much or the steps are time consuming, we all need something else to rely on that would still benefit our health and fit perfectly into the Christmas stockings. This is where Everglobe® Specialty Products came to the rescue! 

One of my favorites from the collection includes the Wipala snack bars, which have a fruity or quinoa base and come in a variety of flavors. From the Kids fruity bars, you can pick from delicious options such as golden berry and broccoli, mango and kale, or strawberry and spinach. These vegan bars are individually wrapped and are great for family and friends.

Quinoa Snack bars flat lay with hands grabbing bars.

They have all of the sweet and fruity flavor of a fruit rollup with much more health benefits, and as a plus--there is also no added sugar! Not only are they adult approved, but your kids might not know the difference either! Out of the vast quinoa collection, you can enjoy banana, pineapple, and raw cacao (my personal favorite.) It makes for a convenient health-conscience snack when you’re on the go, or running out of lunchbox ideas for the kids. Now there are truly zero excuses for vending machines! No matter your pick, they are tasty and fill you up with the energy that you need to kickstart a productive day.

But sometimes in between snacking, a healthy drink is what’s really needed to hit the spot. And I’m not talking about water--(liquid flavor drops are so last year), nor sodastream (because it’s never gonna beat the real thing anyway). When it’s time to make the switch to a healthier alternative, you want to choose something that doesn’t sacrifice your sweet tooth but still offers health benefits such as digestion and anti-inflammation.

 Alibu Infusions

Alibu Tea infusions being served over a table with glasses and a pitcher showing the fruit infusions with Christmas decorations

To solve this dilemma, Everglobe® Specialty Products found Alibu which came out with dried fruit tea infusions that have you covered if tropical and passion fruit is what you are craving without the guilt! These infusions make a tasty gift for the holidays and come in individually wrapped pouches that have a unique blend of dried fruit that can be made into a warm cup of tea or a refreshing cold drink depending on your mood (and the season.) They are a great way to cozy up by the fire and warm up on the freezing winter nights while watching holiday classics!



Making a Difference in the World 

Even so, it’s not just the tasty healthy options that come with every product. Choosing Wipala means you are choosing to support agriculture, something that Wipala prioritizes with a passion. With every product, you can find a batch number that will inform you of the incredible farmers who have created your snacks! Familiarize yourself with our Andean farmers and learn more about their stories as you enjoy fueling your body with healthy snacks and feeling good about it too.


 Planting Trees

Likewise, Alibu prides itself on sharing healthy fruit based products without the preservatives and artificial sweeteners. This family business was founded on technology, foreign trade, and food production. Founders Jorge, Carolina, Leslie, and Fabien focus on sharing Ecuador’s fruit-centered diet with the rest of the world through unique gourmet dehydrated products. 

Don’t wait any longer to spread some extra joy this holiday season and rest assured that Everglobe® brings you Wipala and Alibu to have all of your resolutions and gift ideas covered! It’s possible to adapt to a healthier lifestyle with ease when you trust brands that are as conscious about your wellbeing as you are. 

Written by Nicole Mardiants