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  • Variety Mix = 1 packet of each flavor
  • Alegria= Apple, Strawberry, Kiwi, Hibiscus
  • Fantasy =Pineapple, Goldenberry, PassionFruit
  • Passion = Pineapple, Tangerine, Ginger, Lemon
  • Tropical = Pineapple, Naranjilla, Mango
  • Temptation= Strawberry, Blackberry, Hibiscus
  • Breakfast
  • Brunch
  • Cocktails
  • In Between Meals
  • Dessert
  • Late Night Cravings

Alibu will revolutionize how you think about tea

Flavors For Everyone

Alibu's unique flavors are a treat for the taste buds. Let's take a look at the highlights of each flavor. The Fantasy Alibu flavor has a kick to it, thanks to the addition of fresh ginger. The Tropical Alibu flavor is sweet and fruity, with the perfect balance of pineapple and mango juice. Lastly, the Alegria Alibu flavor is a refreshing and cooling blend of hibiscus and refreshing kiwi. Each Alibu flavor is a must-try for those looking for a healthy and delicious beverage option.

Alibu Dried Fruit Tea Water Infusion Eat & Drink Variety Mix Pack Kiwi Strawberry Apple
Alibu Dried Fruit Tea Water Infusion Benefits Antioxidants Boost Immune System Sugar Free Vegan Caffeine Free

Delicious & Beneficial

With a range of delicious flavors to choose from, including Pineapple & Ginger, Mango & Turmeric, and Raspberry & Hibiscus, each bottle is bursting with vitamins, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients that your body needs. Whether you're looking to boost your immune system, improve your digestion, or simply stay hydrated, Alibu Fruit Infusions have got you covered. Made with no added sugars or artificial flavors, these refreshing drinks are the perfect guilt-free indulgence for any time of the day.

Why We're Different

Everglobe is committed to provding unique premium products to the U.S. to introduce NEW adaptations of "Old School" goods such as coffee, tea, cereal, chocolate, pasta, & granola!

Everglobe Specialty Products Vegan Organic Gluten Free Healthy Snacks

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Alibu unique?

Alibúis the only product which allows you to enjoy eating real pieces of tropical fruits while drinking a naturally sweet infusion. Alibu infusions are 100% natural, containing only 3 or 4 ingredients: all of the fruits are free of chemicals, preservatives, additives, & have no added sugar. They are a great alternative to regular tea bags or other caffeine-free drinks.

What does the Infusion taste like?

We carefully select high-standard fruits and combine them to get a perfect balance of flavor. They are light and refreshing, with a subtly sweet flavor dervied from the fruit itself. They can be enjoyed both cold and hot. Each combination has its own unique flavor, from the sweetness of the red berries to the full-bodied and deep flavor of the passion fruit infusion. The Mix box comes with all flavors, making it the perfect choice if you have never tried them before.

How much tea is in each box?

Each box comes with 5 packets of your desired flavor!

How to prepare Alibu infusion?

It is very easy, and there are two ways to enjoy them: hot or iced.

Steps for hot preparation:

  1. Open one packet of infusion.
  2. Empty the bag into a cup.
  3. Pour boiling water over the top of the fruit.
  4. Wait four minutes, and it will be ready.
  5. You can start sipping your natural fruit infusion and eat real pieces of delicious tropical fruits.

Steps for iced preparation: 

  1. Open one packet of infusion
  2. Empty the bag into a cup
  3. Fill one third of the cup with boiling water.
  4. Wait four minutes.
  5. Top up the cup with ice and cold water, and it is ready to enjoy!

Are these 100% Vegan?

All our products do not contain any animal-products or animal-derived ingredients. The place where we dry the fruits and pack the infusion does not process any animal-based products. We encourage the fruit farmers we work with to minimize the use of animals and to find animal-free alternatives wherever possible

How fast is shipping?

Everything ordered on our website is next day shipping! We know your cravings can't wait!

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