Conexion 70-100% Dark Chocolates - Pure 4 Pack


Fruity & Floral Fine Chocolate

We developed our Virgin roast process to preserve the properties of raw cacao. For the Virgin chocolates, we source Heirloom cacao from Los Rios Province, from trees as old as 100 years. To preserve this cacao, we manage a project with the HCP and the cooperative, APOVINCES, to identify and maintain their heirloom trees. This collection is the perfect introduction to this rare cacao, whose raw flavor is intensely floral. The rising cacao percentages bring out more of the herbal and wine-like notes of this cacao, but the aroma of flowers and fresh fruit continues. Our heirloom cacao makes one of the most vibrant and delicious 100% bars we have tasted.

Woman Owned

Conexión is a woman- minority-owned small business making chocolate in the country of origin, Ecuador. We source organic cacao directly from farmers cooperatives in Ecuador, paying a premium to preserve fine flavor varieties of cacao such as heirloom Nacional. We use sunflower lecithin and Ecuadorian cocoa butter.

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Kosher, Organic, Non-GMO.