Wipala Super Fruit Bites | USDA Organic and Vegan Certified |12 Count.


Snack healthier and conveniently with our Wipala Super Fruit Bites that come in various flavors with quality ingredients. With the power of quinoa as the foundation you are sure to snack on these and finish them before you realize how delicious they are.

  • Contains only 12 (flavor of choice) - 1.06 oz Organic Super-Fruit Bites made with organic banana and quinoa.
  • Only 5 organic ingredients with a tasty mix of fruit & Andean Superfoods. Choose one for yourself and your children.
  • No added sugar making it an ideal healthy snack for your on-the-go busy schedule. Try all the flavors of Mango & Spicy Ginger, Cacao & Mint, Strawberry Banana, Mango & Golden Berry.
  • Organic ingredients, Vegan, Allergy Free, Gluten free, Non GMO, Raw.
  • Strengthens the immune system with all the nutrients packed inside these fruit bites that are low on the glycemic index, sodium,  and a good source of vitamins.