Wipala Whole Quinoa Cereal with Panela. Dairy Free, Vegan, NON GMO | Less than 130 Calories - Everglobe Corporation

Ahealthy flavorful dried fruit infusion.

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Alibu's unique flavors are a treat for the taste buds. Let's take a look at the highlights of each flavor. The Original Alibu flavor is a refreshing blend of coconut water and pineapple juice, perfect for a hot summer day. The Pineapple Ginger Alibu flavor has a spicy kick to it, thanks to the addition of fresh ginger. The Mango Alibu flavor is sweet and fruity, with the perfect balance of coconut water and mango juice. Lastly, the Watermelon Mint Alibu flavor is a refreshing and cooling blend of juicy watermelon and refreshing mint. Each Alibu flavor is a must-try for those looking for a healthy and delicious beverage option.

Finding All Natural Wholesome Cereal Shouldn't be So Hard

After analyzing the other cereals, we realized that there we're so few that actually have all natural ingredients with no added nonsense! Until we found Wipala, the cereal with no fats and the least amount of ingredients imaginable!

Why We're Different

Everglobe is committed to provding unique premium products to the U.S. to introduce NEW adaptations to "Old School" goods such as coffee, tea, cereal, chocolate, pasta, & granola!

What's Inside?

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Alibu unique?

Wipala originated from Ecuador, originally meaning, "We"

What does the Infusion Taste like?

A much better cinnamon crunch without the added nonsense!

How much tea is in each box?

One box = 2.12 oz. worth of dried fruit infusion = 5 cups of Alibu

Are these 100% Vegan?


How fast is shipping?

Everything ordered on our website is next day shipping! We know your cravings can't wait!

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